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Historical Real Estate in Austria for sale
Water castle in Styria close to Feldbach


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Object Nr.:AP-HC-120620
Region:Styria - Austria
Living area:3.500 m²
Plot area:66.000 m²
EPC:in process
Castle Hainfeld, situated in the southern styria, combines two characteristics: the Occident and the Orient. It was the residence of the orientalist Josef Freiherr von Hammer-Purgstall. Since the opening of the castle for the public in 2005 there were numerous events which show the history of the person and the work of Josef Hammer-Purgstall.

As the biggest water castle of styria it combines the European architecture with orientalic stylistic elements and signs. Surrounded by water there is an excellent living environment for fauna and flora.

Castle Hainfeld was built that big, to grant protection for the community members in case of invasion.
There are 75 rooms, which are 3.500 m² space. The whole complex is an one-story complex. There are only the 4 towers which have a second etage. The atrium has 60 x 60 meters.

At the first floor there are 150 m² where you can live the whole year.

The library of the castle was built in the first half of the 18th century. It became upgraded by every castle owner.

Most of the rooms at the first floor are equiped with tile stoves, which still can be used. From every
room you come tot he „Arkadengang“.

The chapel was built in the years between 1765 and 1773. At the end of the 1970s the front became renovated.

An artesian fountain is the heart of the atrium. It was built in 1959.

6,6 hectare plot size belong to the castle.


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Feldbach (Slovene: Vrbna ) is a town in the southeast of the Austrian state of Styria, near the Slovenian and Hungarian border. It is located in the valley around the river Raab.

Findings from the Neolithic prove the early existence of a settlement in the area, where Feldbach is located. The name "Feldbach" was first mentioned in 1188 as "Velwinbach". A parish exists since 1232.

In 1469 Feldbach was devastated by rebellious troops. Most likely this was the reason why the "Tabor", a medieval fortress was built.

In the 15th century Feldbach was the setting of many conflicts between rival aristocratic families which caused destruction and pillages in the town. Finally, after the Hajduks (which accompanied the attacking Ottoman Turks) destroyed the whole town, except the Tabor hill, a closed fortification with several gates was built.

Feldbach experienced a major economic upswing after the Hungarian Western railroad was opened in 1873. At the same time the nearby spa Bad Gleichenberg became well known.


Nearest Airport: Graz Airport ~ 55,2 km (about 45 min)
Nearest Motorway: A2 Sud-Autobahn ~ 27,6 km (about 28 min)

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